joi, 11 decembrie 2014

1984,the year that (a) life began -a symbol of freedom" 1984"( a work of mine I found awhile ago)-

am inteles ca postarea nu s e vede ,voi reposta pt orice event ,plus editarea de ieri

the last one is dedicated to "1984".
It s not necessarilly  one of my best,of course. Not by far.

I don't know what will be ,friends....
or what to tell you..
The ultimate tragedy is not the oppression and cruelty by the bad people but the silence over that by the good people.
Martin Luther King, Jr.
M Robespierre
(am pastrat citatele de atunci,valabile sau nu
As I said so many times lately,risking to be boring(although I could have told you know sooo many stories and interesting stuff...
Some ppl fail
Sometimes,If you fail some things
You can  very well fail at everything else.
Some destroy and think its natural like feeding,
Some destroy in the name of ideas they feed,and think they did the right thing,cause they believe in something,
some don t succeed to destroy
and finally they end up feeding with their own failures,
they have to live with their counsciousness
some full you on the internet,
 or maybe with words,promisses,
there are many sentimental frauds,it s a psychological condition,an illness some can develop,
there are many kinnds of things in this world...
who knows..

some want our love,but don t understand how precious it is..are not able to handle it.

then again...who knows..

But no matter what,
Noone will undo in front of
God their  failures and mistakes.
It may sound simple
But it s not.

things some ppl do..can throw them in the dark of their soul forever.

..but some will only realize that later...

Like it was said to Neo
One thing is to dream
But giving life to them is something else
this is what makes the difference between"impotents and valiants.
I can beat ppl at thier own game
I Don t even need to know what they ar e
What they did,their mistakes and failures and other
Things they don t even acknowledge
Will still be there.ANd everything else
That goes wih it.

so many  failed to solve my mistery,
i was something they were not prepared for.I have something in me so big,the kind of thing that can only be born with a revolution .

 some day the universe will show all these in pure light.
The truth,
and on the other side the rejection ,the decay.
The lies,everything I ve been taught by them.

past tense- past participle-present t )

sâmbătă, 25 octombrie 2014

LAST WINTER,thank my ppl ! (lots of pics,last edit)

 thanks to  those who are with me for the eventual(little) updates to the blog.

my last winter here.
last day.
believe in love and dreams,be innocent,no matter what.
people don't know what they do when  they break your dreams
 (or not).
be innocent,but never think the world of all the people that come into  your way.Don't hurry handing them over your whole universe.
to me,love was  a dream.Was something magic,out of this world,something I could have created,a work of art,breathtaking,the most daring construction,one chance,one shot (only for those who understand magic-not illusions,but magic).
Big mistake.
to me ,in my vision,people were good.
big mistake. 
to my vision..people cared..
big mistake.

I looked up to their world just to finally  find out they were the ones who should have looked up to my innocent soul,to my infinite dreams,to my neverending creativity.


be beautiful.
in the end,that ' s all you have. 
those who say they believe in you,may lie to you.

 all my works ,good or bad,are my will to this world.
my face too,the face people said was so beautiful.
...for everyone who loved it.


luni, 1 septembrie 2014



Someone said a man is not old until he has regrets.

When I was a teenager  i liked graffiti.i still like it.
I read many graffiti quotes.Some are even good.
I should have talked about Banksy and things like that,but we already saw the movie.

Some graffiti quote said "if you want to achieve greatness you don't need permission",or "a single idea can challenge the world"..True.

But some worlds don't wanna be changed,they ll  try to destroy these kind of people,they' ll try to harm them just because they wanted to bring new light,new ideas,new challenges,with everything that goes with it.
Good or bad.
Some people,some  missions,some trends are just not prepared for  our ideas.
 I remind you this Thucydides quote:
"three of the greatest faillings in life
want of sense,of courage ,and vigilance".

and  another by scott fitzgerald :
"at eighteen our convinctions are hills from which we look,at forty five are caves in which we hide.

I met people like that,with sad destinies.
But the minute you like to open the door for them,they try and sometimes even succeed to destroy something in you!

I stick  with Rudyard Kipling who said :
"we have forty millions reasons for failure,but not a single excuse."
 Maybe some failed.
Failed with us,with our art,with our love,our destiny.
with promisses,with their mission to bringing talents to light,with their love vows in front of God.

There are failures and failures.
Some of them  lack elegance.Because yes,there are ways to do things,even failures ,with elegance.
But some people lacked  it.

Some people where supposed to  create,but they destroyed instead.

Some failures can t be undone .
Not in front of their consciousness.

Dear friends,this is the last post on this blog.
I ll be probably moving .

But note that this blog is YOURS.

It was the place I offered some of my light and creation.

I wish love for all of us. 
hope it will find us .
always wait for it.
let's always shine ,
never listen to others.

and yes,some of them only saw our finger.
not a single step of the way ,the magic way we pointed to.

duminică, 31 august 2014


 One had a lovely face,
And two or three had charm,
But charm and face were in vain
Because the mountain grass
Cannot but keep the form
Where the mountain hare has lain.

william butler yeats -memory

 emily dickinson

The Definition of Beauty

The Definition of Beauty is
That Definition is none—
Of Heaven, easing Analysis,
Since Heaven and He are one.


going to heaven

Going to Heaven!                                                                 
I don't know when --
Pray do not ask me how!
Indeed I'm too astonished
To think of answering you!
Going to Heaven!
How dim it sounds!
And yet it will be done
As sure as flocks go home at night
Unto the Shepherd's arm!

Perhaps you're going too!
Who knows?
If you should get there first
Save just a little space for me
Close to the two I lost --
The smallest "Robe" will fit me
And just a bit of "Crown" --
For you know we do not mind our dress
When we are going home --

I'm glad I don't believe it
For it would stop my breath --
And I'd like to look a little more
At such a curious Earth!
I'm glad they did believe it
Whom I have never found
Since the might Autumn afternoon
I left them in the ground. 

 falling stars
by rainer maria rilke

 Do you remember still the falling stars
that like swift horses through the heavens raced
and suddenly leaped across the hurdles
of our wishes--do you recall? And we
did make so many! For there were countless numbers
of stars: each time we looked above we were
astounded by the swiftness of their daring play,
while in our hearts we felt safe and secure
watching these brilliant bodies disintegrate,
knowing somehow we had survived their fall.

IT BELONGS TO EVERYONE !! -2 gifts for friends,a video (let s stop reading junk )

 First gift is this old painting
which doesn't have yet a dedication,but I will probably hand it to someone special,who will love it(this is my rule,you know..).
So,it waits to be loved,like many of us.

Maybe before making some changes,I may tell you the title(somewhere else)..But i m not sure about that.
About leaving,changing  this place,the adress(which can actually happen very soon).


I ve been talking to some people  lately.
dear ,closed friends.
One told me you can know a man  by the woman he chooses.
the other told me a man wants to feel the woman who 's with him shines like the brightest star , and he is proud of it.He is proud he has found something that shines more powerful than anything around them.Even brighter than him...That  's what they told me.
Why would he wanna praise  something else and not show everybody his unique treasure?
Maybe because he s  not worth the treasure...who knows..

One of these friends gave me a video.I didn 't know what to do with it,but now I know.
that 's what this post is all about.
It s   for all of you who came to visit this site,which means you came to see beauty ,to feel it.

So,it s a gift for you.
But please,don't watch it until you hear what I have to say.

About beauty and other things.

I saw lots of men who think of themselves of being spiritual,wise, pretending to be  cultivated.
But they didn't loose any opportunity of talking publicly(also keeping speeches,giving us examples ,articles) again and again : "this woman who is beautiful,the other is seductive and misterious, is another one..she s delicious..oh..look at her..she is sooo pretty....what about the other one..she s divine..."

I think the first lesson a spiritual man should learn is that
If they don't know it by know,they can learn it here.
Maybe they will leave this place illuminated and less proud.
A spiritual a wise man who doesn t know what to promote,which is real beauty,the beauty  everyone is equally endowed with by God,is not  a spiritual man,but a fake.
It s such a disappointment..


 we all have it,,and those who say otherwise are misleading us,or maybe are talking  guided by their subjective sexual pleasures.
(what they may like ,other may very well find unattractive.)
but there is just one beauty on earth, one for all,an we should never publicly  applaud anyone in specific  Beauty belongs to everyone,this is fair....

 Let no man mislead you into believing in his mental construction of sexyness and other stuff.....
This can happen in the culture web,in magazines, could happen everywhere..
Don't let yourself manipulated. Into this way of  thinking.

talented people may very well remain unknown,real beauties,real  misteries,but make no mistake,some will always promote their  obsessions about beautiful and sexy and all that stuff ..
that s why real values are so rarely discovered.They require a special eye.Real beauty scares,that s the truth...As i said before,few can "afford" it....
maybe some day God will make some changes into this world and  we ll meet some really deserving people who  will promote real values.(i ve really met  some of those,you know..)

thanks to my dear friend with all my heart for this video about  a social experiment.It's called "shocking social experiment about women."
It s not necessarily  the best,but it s dedicated to those who understand what beauty really is.
I met such people lately.

 in the end I think it s fair that I    thank God for  giving me both talents and  pretty face,and also a family and friends,which are  not  at all my credit.
and every human being who knows what is a promise,honor,feelings,trust,respect.
there are so many loosing our respect.
Let 's always go,as I said before,where we are celebrated!

 2 links for the same video

this is what people should promote,if they are into giving examples!!!
 we should stop reading junk articles!

and yes..there are some beautiful women here..
and like every other woman,they are also misterious,seductive and everything else you can think of..
don t tell me beauty  comes form the inside.This is a cliche,and we re not into this kind of thinking.Beauty it  s  simply in everyone in and outside,both.

God bless you !

hope some of you will join me  in any other location,if this will be the case.

marți, 26 august 2014

THE FACTORY- G6 (flights) and a little Mencken

a place where big flying machines are built .
where everybody is nobody  and nobody is everybody.
 some of us thought that love was the only passport to  big dreams flights.
I'm one of those people,I believed in dreams.

but people need big flying machines,they don 't need their own wings,granted by the noblest feeling.

they need factories,they need crowded places.workers for fake worlds.

that s why I didn 't draw the factory of the soul,the only  place where real wings are growing.

noone needed them.

some love like slaves,some love like humans,some don't love at all,some love  everybody and nobody,some love those who worship them,
some love like kings.
 love is the triumph of the imagination over intelligence 

einstein said imagination was more important.
some have both,but still choose to love,
 but others  still choose not to use anything for nourishing  love.
 some don't need love,they just wanna feel important,like flying a g6.(they don't even have)
or playing the leader
boy..what a rush..
what a fake...
 (geniuses have lots of imagination.
but also intelligence.
maybe it takes a genius to understand real love,and how to handle this" piece of art."
but there no factories for that...)

I hope some people could really use my passport to  the factory of the soul.
one it was supposed to take you (and those like me) to love.who knows..

thank you everybody.